One application for communication


Our support team will always come to your rescue

High speed

Tamos is a very fast and reliable application, we constantly improve and improve its performance

Simple design

Just a few minutes you will figure out how to work with Tamos.


Good news: now Tamos SIM cards for fast mobile Internet in Russia!

We introduce you a service that gives you not only opportunity for cheap calls and internet in Russia, but also opportunity to save on calls to Tajikistan!
Acquiring the sim card Tamos, you will get a pass to free Tamos NGN numbers and discount for calls to Tajikistan.


You are always online

Download Tamos to your smartphone and do not waste time choosing an operator abroad. Any public Wi-Fi hotspot is good enough to inform your friends about your arrival

High quality

Speak as if you are not divided hundreds of kilometers

For business

Stay in touch with business partners


You no longer need a sim card abroad


Install on your smartphone and enjoy the speed of work


Your funds are on the account under reliable protection

All in one

Call, write messages, using one application

Easier than it seems?

  • How to set up Tamos?

    Complete a few simple steps, register the NGN number. After registration, you will receive a unique phone number, on which you can call as a regular phone. Call it like you did not go anywhere.

    Download from the app store

    Find Tamos - in the app store on your iOS or Android device

    Register an NGN number

    Complete a simple procedure for registering NGN numbers, now you do not even need a sim card on foreign trips

    Communication without borders

    Wherever you go, you can contact at any time who you care about


Questions and Answers

Tamos is an application for communication. You can call using Tamos abroad at very low prices. The application also includes a convenient messenger for messaging.
There are versions of Tamos for iOS, as well as for Android. Enter the query "Tamos" in the search box of your application store and install it as any other application.
The application itself is absolutely free.
Most likely you did not register an NGN number. The registration procedure is very easy to, run it from the account settings.
In the application there is "Chat with support" write a message describing your problem and we will respond promptly.
We recommend you to choose our sim-card Tamos. In this case you will get a free NGN number and discount on calls from Tamos APP to Tajikistan.
You can order a Tamcard sim card on sim.tamos.io or by phones:

in Moscow: +7(495)9905070

Saint Petersburg: +7(812)7485045

Dushanbe: +992(2)80009000

Simcard delivery is free!

Contact Information

In order to contact us, you can call or write a letter. Or send a quick message.
Working hours on weekdays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tajikistan time

700 from Tamos App
+7 (495) 990-5700 Russia
+992 3422 7 5888 Tajikistan
+1 (347) 833-8885 USA
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Tajikistan, Khujand,
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